Animation Course Scope in India

Animation scope in India

We have always been obsessed with animation movies be it Mowgli, Kung Fu Panda, Ice Age, or Alita. These are different genres of animation. The animation industry is not restricted to animals but also human-based animation. Alita is one of the best examples. With a boundless scope, it can create magic on the big and small screens.

The field of animation is no restricted to creating cartoons. Cartoons are nothing but sketching caricatures giving them a unique identity that would set them apart from other characters. Playing with colors and developing symbols are all part of the animation.

In spite of the economic crises that hit the industry recently, the animation industry stays unaffected and continues to grow. It has been introduced in other countries long back but India had adopted it only during the last few decades. It still continues to contribute to employ thousands of 2D and 3D animators every year. This number continues to rise with over known companies outsourcing the job to India.

Career in the Animation Animation industry

is a developed sector. This industry is ideal if you have the urge of creating unique characters and products and bringing them to life. With your creative mind and ideas, you can use the expertise and produce a product that would be worth be of your interest.

The animation used in ads and videos delivers a good response in terms of product branding, placement, and revenue generation. Thus, it received good support in every field. In order to equate this support, India made its own contribution in terms of offering commendable animators. India has a good market when it comes to offering animation services to companies. It has flourished over the years. Regardless of its late entry into its market, it has a lot to offer. With a wide range of animation work, it has opened the door for varied jobs in animation. You could apply for jobs in the following industry.

  • Ad agency
  • Hollywood and Bollywood movies
  • IT Gaming
  • E-Learning

Indian cinemas

Bollywood industry produces over more than 2000 movies every year. Starting from movies to television, animation has shown it worth in every screen size. Its capability can be seen in terms of character development, movie, graphics, product, and quality standards.


Animation is not restricted to Indian cinemas. With the gaming sector on hype, animation has its major contribution to it. Candy Crush, Pub G, Temple Run are few games that have earned millions of subscribers over time. Animators not only have pulled out their creative minds on the screen but also keep bringing in new updates in order to stay aloof from the competition.

International focus

Animation industry in India has laid it foot late but has been updated with its latest technologies and software. Known for creating ideal stories, it portrays unsung Indian mythologies using the best animators. Ramayan, My Friend Ganesha, Mahabharata are few mythological stories known to teach the children about Indian culture.

Using 3D animation and excellent graphics, one can create an excellent end product. Above movies are the best example of an excellent combination of graphics with animation. Learning from the best graphic designing college also trains you which can be helpful in this field.

India also ranks the highest educated people who known to operate software’s. This makes the service costing much lesser when compared to international animators. Also with the increase in animators, Indian animation industry receives global attention. With a good number of studios all over India, many international companies outsource their work from these studios. International giant companies like Warner Brothers, Disney, Industrial Light, Fun Bag Animation, and many more, render expert services from India.


Advertisement is a powerful medium which is essential for every business. Having the ability to influence the audience and being placed in the mind of consumers, advertisements are omnipresent. They inform the consumers about the arrival of new products and brands in the market.

Animation has its role to play in the advertisement sector. Advertisement is no longer limited to rational and irrational ads. Making the advertisement more appealing, modern days add a few animation features to it. Animation based ads are a trend these days. Started with Zoo Zoo by Vodafone became a huge hit during the IPL season. It attracted many eyeballs with its creative skills. Be it character sketching, voice, black and white theme, or storytelling, animators played the episode really well and also received appreciation for the same. This was followed by KitKat dancing baby ad that also received immense appreciation.

Happydent City Lights Campaigns, MTS Internet Baby ad, and Complan ‘TakatKaBhot’ ad are few such commendable ads crated by experienced animators. Few of these advertisements have a combination of human and animated creatures to give a real touch to the ad. In any of the cases, animators have been appreciated for their imagination and showcasing of story.

Skilled and talented animators are in huge demand in India. With over diverse opportunities in this field, one can never fail in terms of employment. Media houses, advertising agencies, TV production houses all have something to offer.

To reach out to these places, one must possess technical skills as well have good creative skills from the top animation colleges in India. With sheer hard work and experience in this industry, you will be able to achieve a decent position in this industry.