Find the Right Warehouse Space to Rent

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Renting a warehouse space can be a beneficial move for new or small scale businesses. But before renting, the first thing you should do is a proper research and before researching for a Warehouse Leasing Company, identify the aspects and ratio of a storage facility that you need. List down the items you want to be storing in the warehouse, know if you will need to conduct business from the warehouse to understand the requirement of electricity, temperature control or running water.

There is a possibility that some warehouse spaces can only be used for storage but if you need to have employees working inside your warehouse who need computers and other electronic items in use, you’ll want to pick a space that has restrooms, proper ventilation, break room apart from electricity supply with a lot of plug points installed. There could be some warehouses also available that has office space that you can use along with showers and couches for longer stays.

If you have a small quantity of items to be stored, you could be paying your warehouse owner a monthly rental fee, calculated by the amount of square feet you use. If you foresee the need to rent the warehouse space for longer, you should sign a 6-month or 1-year lease contract. Some warehouse owners offer customization renting plans that can be tailored to fit with your storage needs.

The safety should be one of the major criteria while finalizing a warehouse for rent. It’s better to talk with the landlord about the security provided for the building in prior. You might also need to know if the warehouse is up to date or if any updates or construction is planned in mere future. You should also check with the fellow tenants of the warehouse to know if their storage needs are being met, and also about the quality of the storage services the warehouse manager provides.

If you anticipate doing a lot of shipping/receiving, you should choose a warehouse with easy access to a major interstate, thoroughfare or maybe on the side of a seaport. A warehouse space that is located close to the delivery dock for easy loading and unloading will be a smarter pick for such business owners.

Some warehouses do not provide the equipment required for your particular business and you might need to purchase your own warehouse equipment, before purchasing make sure they are insured. The warehouse owners insurance will not cover losses due to any circumstances to any of your inventory or equipment hence make sure you purchase your own separate insurance. You may also see a need to purchase liability insurance in case if any of your employees are injured while working in the warehouse. If an accident occurs in or around the warehouse, you will be just as responsible as the warehouse owner would be.

Be certain to fully understand the warehouse lease before you sign it. Ask questions about the landlord and make sure there aren’t any hidden fees and expenses attached. You may want to have your lawyer look over the warehouse agreement to have a better understanding of your rights as a warehouse tenant.

The major advantage of leasing a warehouse space is that you will save money and free up valuable office space for your other facilities. The extra space you may have in your office or building will give your company a greater potential for growth and flexibility.