How to increase user retention rate in apps

increase user retention rate in apps

If you are able to increase the user retention rate of your app, then you’re in-app revenues would probably increase. Acquiring new users is important but retaining existing users would be cheap and help in increase of the ranking in the app store results. To effectively influence the users, we need to use different techniques in order to make them responsive to our app.

Here are some ways to increase the app rate retention:

Use app push notifications:

There have been many changes in the operating systems these days which is actually somewhat beneficial to increase the retention rate. While push up notifications would help at least 20% of the users to return to your app. Due to the recent updates in the OS, users would turn off the notifications or opt for the only app they want. As IOS10 is in full flow, the value of using push up notifications would be higher.

Use incentives and rewards:

There are many incentive and reward strategies to attract users to come back to your app. Incentive method pushes out a notification that helps in promotion of our app. offering a discounted price on bundle of items in your app store creates a sense of urgency to the users. The main thing in selling digital products is we don’t lose anything by providing discounts to the users.

Create an App user on-boarding strategy:

Making users first impression a great one is the on-boarding. It helps the users to get engaged with our app. The best way of on-boarding is to provide informative snippets of the app which includes everything about it. It is highly recommended to download gaming apps to understand the on-boarding strategy.

Scale app promotions and in-APP purchases:

Different users respond differently to different promotions based on their review and the duration of time they spend on the app. You need to scale the promotions to the level of commitment that player has already made in your app. You could measure the user interaction and research where the users are making drop-offs. Based on which you could increase the promotion of the app.