Should you despair to buy a home with an imperfect Vastu?

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Vastu Shastra is an integral part of the real estate industry. The scope of this is so vast that the more you get into it, the more complicated it becomes. Before you finalize taking up a house, you should be very clear about the extent you want to get into its vastu facts. This is important because vastu plays a lot of role in the decision-making process and marking a line of limit will help you to arrive at some conclusion.

Many times when you are searching for a house, and you find one of your kind also, however, the vastu of that house does not come out to be as per the standard vastu norms. This is not something which is unusual. In fact, all the buyers come across this situation at least once on their house-hunt journey. This dilemma always obstructs the decision-making process. Here, it all depends up to you that how much importance you want to give to vastu norms.

It is true that you cannot completely neglect Vastu in this process but the degree to which it has to be concerned has to be decided beforehand. It is nothing but a business of fear. Though there is no harm either to follow some basic principles. In fact, the good part of this science is that even if there is some issue with the house’s vastu, there is always a solution available to it. Slight modifications and changes can solve most of the problems and make the house, Vastu compliant. You must assume that it is very rare where you will find the entire house constructed in order with Vastu norms – imperfections are bound to exist.

Important is to see whether the vastu aspects are outweighing the imperfections. In that case, one must definitely a good offer for that property, provided that there can be a remedy to it. Vastu principles are meant for the positive benefits and avoid disharmony and negativity. Thus, to avoid such situations, you need to take care of a few basic faults:

  • The property should not be south-west facing.
  • North-east and south-west directions should not have a cut in the construction. Ideally, the plot on which the construction stands should be square-shaped.
  • South-east should be the ideal kitchen direction.

Remedies for common vastu faults

  • When you purchase a house which is not fully vastu complained, then you must see the cost required to make corrections against the discount which you can avail on the property, as this will be the deciding factor whether you should buy the house or not.

Southern India pays good attention towards the vastu factors while constructing a property. Hyderabad is one such example where you will rarely find any house which is not vastu complained.