What’s the difference between a banquet hall, meeting room, and event space?

What’s the difference between a banquet hall, meeting room, and event space?

Organizing an event is a huge responsibility and an addition to that it choosing the right venue. Generally there are no rules to choose a venue, but it’s highly important to choose the right venue for the right event. There are quite a few differences between meeting rooms, banquet halls and event spaces. Let’s look at the differences to get a better understanding for the next time we choose a venue for an event.

Meeting rooms

Meeting rooms as the word suggest are reserved specifically for meetings. To make it look more professional these meetings rooms add a different positive vibe. These meeting rooms are usually found in commercial areas around office buildings and even hotels have some meeting rooms. These meeting rooms are also of benefit to freelancers, new start-ups with small offices etc,. Now let’s look at the features of meetings rooms:

  1. Soundproof

Meetings are highly successful when there are no distractions. When your employees and clients are focused on the topic of the meeting it makes it way more successful. You would want your clients to here you without having to shout. It should be a soundproof place as well so that conversations are not audible outside the room. It keeps the meeting highly confidential and private.

  1. Amenities

With having meeting rooms they also have other amenities to offer. These amenities could be AV equipment, faster internet connection, conference table etc,. These are some amenities people could lack in office meeting rooms.

  1. Least distraction

The meeting rooms usually have simple white walls. This is because the designers keep in mind the motive of the meeting room and don’t want the team to get visually distracted in any manner.

Banquet halls

A banquet hall is a huge empty space that is usually offered for wedding functions, bridal showers, birthday parties and other personal events. It an empty space and chairs and tables are added according to the number of guests. These banquet halls also have different sizes depending on number of people. Banquet halls can be in hotels and other areas too. People usually renting their banquet hall also provide catering and charge according to the number of people. The key features of banquet hall are as follows:

  1. Capacity 
    Having the right sized hall according to the guests is half party success. It is very important to find a perfectly sized banquet hall depending on the number of people. The benefit of booking a banquet hall for events in Hyderabad, is that they’re mostly available in different sizes. They might not be available in the same hotel but most sizes are available around the city.
  1. Location

Having to find the perfect location is an important feature. It should be easily accessible for all your guests. Having to drive for 1-2 hours to attend a wedding or a party is of no use. The hall should be within the range of 10-20 kms and should also be easily reachable. In addition to this, guests should also be able to find a metro or cab to the desired location without any hassle.

  1. Interiors

The interiors of the banquet hall are highly important. You would not want to host a party in a hall where the wall paint is coming off and the furniture isn’t reliable. Therefore always check the banquet hall and also the theme of the hall of it goes with your party. Having a mehendi based theme on a bridal shower is just putting off. Therefore always check the venue before you book it for the function or event. A best convention hall for weddings in Hyderabad will offer you range of furniture settings and different convention halls based on the number of guests and stage setup.

  1. Amenities

To sweeten the deal many banquet halls offer other extra amenities, such as Wi-Fi, AV equipment, valet parking, speaker services and many more. These are a part of the banquet hall to get provide amenities and spread through word of mouth to get more bookings in the coming future.

Event spaces

Event spaces are usually big spaces that are mainly used for corporate parties and can accommodate and entire neighborhood for that matter. The main features of event spaces are:

  1. Location

It is important to choose these spaces at location which are easily accessible. It will highly impress your attendees. These should be located in a central space which is easily accessible by mass transportation or should be at a walk-able distance.

  1. Layout

The second important feature is the layout. The event spaces offer layouts depending on your event. Therefore it is Important to check the venue and confirm the layout before you book it for your corporate or other personal events.

From above we clearly understand that the meeting rooms, banquet halls and event spaces have different audience and different purpose. Therefore it is highly important to choose the perfect venue according to your event to make it much more successful.