Why is a playschool beneficial for your child?

Why is a playschool beneficial for your child?

Let us begin with understanding what a playschool is. A school created for children under the age of four where they are playfully taught basics through fun and games. As the method of learning is through, play the name ‘Playschool’ comes in place.

How is playschool different from preschool?

Playschool- These are schools created for kids under the age of 4, here children are under the supervision of expert teachers, a child, here gets more independent and learns basic life skills like using scissors, tying their shoes, coloring, identifying colours and most importantly learning how to socialise and also gain emotional skills as they are surrounded by other children.

Preschool- A preschool is a school the covers classes from nursery to KG2 here a child is taught academics along with other activities. Children from the age of 4-6 attend preschool. Here formal learning takes place from learning letters, writing alphabets and numbers etc.

Let us now understand why a preschool is good for your child.

As we have established a preschool is beneficial for your child as it builds a strong foundation in learning basic life skills.

1. Strong foundation

When you send your child to preschool they start learning how to build a disciplined time table in their day as there’s a set time to arrive at school, a time set for lunch, a time set for activities and naps and a lot more this can be a great advantage to prepare them for elementary school. Apart from this children also learn how to follow instructions given by their teachers they learn how to share with fellow students.

2 Emotional and social skills

When a child learns to stay away from his or her parents and spends time by building new connections with people apart from their family they learn to gain social skills, these social skills are very important for kids in this age and time.

When a child is sent to a playschool they manage to learn how to control their emotions anger and frustration as they are guided by expert staff. This helps in building a good behavior in a child.

3 Independence

As a child is away from his or her comfort zone being their parents and their home they learn how to make small choices on their own without relying on their parents.

4 Learn to look after

When children are sent to a playschool they learn how to look after themselves and one another. Children here learn to pack unpack their things on their own, get lunch on their own and even take care of their friends around them. This is a major trait which is important as a child grows up.

5 Vocabulary

The age 3-5 is a very crucial period for children in terms of learning a language. It’s always advised to admit your child in a language centric playschool, your child will be able to expand their vocabulary with experts and fellow playmates.

6 Creative activities enhance creativity

When in a playschool, skilled teachers know what sort of activities will spark the creative side of a child. These activities are created so that a child learns, while discovers a new side in themselves. As they participate in these activities, they playfully learn a lot more things.

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