Why real time marketing matters?

Real time Marketing

Real time marketing gives us latest updates of anything that happens in the market.  For example, twitter, it is a platform where you could find companies to take real time marketing.  Even hash tag also helps to make our post viral. People would be really interested in knowing the present trend and information through which you could make your brand aware.

For real time marketing, social marketing sites like Facebook, twitter and YouTube help us to make our brand aware. Real time marketing are beneficial during the live cricket match, websites like star sports etc…  e-commerce sites get more response when they give any updates. Emails also help in making information viral, as they need to be opened and reviewed.

Benefits of adopting real time marketing:

Increases awareness:

it helps us to make our brand aware through different social sites. For example, during the time of demonetization, Paytm went viral because of this.

Improves customer retention:

Customers who make use of real time marketing could able to retain a large number of customers. They create a strong awareness to your brand.

People feel positive and recommend your brand:

If brand is able to share lots of information. Then people start sharing it with others, which helps us to makes others to research on our brand.

Types of real marketing:

Social customer relationship management:

It’s a technique used to make people active on the social sites. As people react freely on social media, it helps us to make a strategy to reach customer.

Dynamic creative optimization:

It is another type of real time marketing which helps us to display ads based on the location. It is based on the user’s attention and their engagement.

Real time content marketing:

Social media platforms are giving huge data to the millions of users. Creating instant content makes them provide some real time marketing to the users.

Real time ad campaign balancing:

Marketers can enable certain objects automatically to re-locate based on the ads spent and the performance.